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vem call pagerIt is Friday lunchtime and your restaurant is full to bursting. All the tables are taken, customer are queuing up at the door and you are busy taking orders, delivering orders and taking payments. Several customers are talking to you at the same time. Some have ordered, others are waiting to order. Some have eaten, others are waiting to pay.

Bring in the VemCall Pager!

The VemCall Pager takes the heat out of the situation.
When your customer places an order, you give him a VemCall Pager. The VemCall Pager is a small device that will vibrate, flash and make a discreet noise when his order is ready to be collected. The customer is now free
to sit down and relax, walk around and perhaps go out to get some fresh air. This means that the customer is no longer in your hair. You don’t have to worry about him. There is space around the till and the atmosphere in the room is altogether more inviting and relaxed.
When the VemCall Pager signals that the order is ready, the customer simply goes up and collects it.

What does this mean for you?

The VemCall Pager takes over what you cannot do: achieving the impossible - serving all your customers and
keeping them all happy at the same time.

The VemCall Pager:

• Does the job that you cannot do by yourself
• Does the job that would otherwise need a large team of waiters
• Save you time and money because you now need fewer staff
• Creates a better atmosphere for your customers
• Creates a relaxed working atmosphere for you
• Increases your annual turnover significantly

Data collection

Have you ever asked yourself:
• How long are my customers kept waiting?
• What is the average waiting time?
• What is the longest and shortest waiting time per day, week,
month or year?

Wouldn’t it be useful to have this information so that you can assess how well your business and staff are doing at any given time? You can then use this information to make significant improvements to your business and turnover.
VemCall Reporter – some free and easy to use software that comes with VemCall Pager – allows you to do just this.
VemCall Reporter gives you all the information you ever wanted and needed and never had the time to collect.

vem call advertisingAdvertising

The VemCall Pager comes with advertising labels – the ideal space for your own logo or advertising campaign.

Why not use this label to sell advertising space to suppliers and generate more revenue? Remember that your free software (VemCall Reporter) allows you to see exactly how long the pagers have been used and by how many customers. This means that your suppliers can see exactly how much exposure their advertising gets.


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