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Timepaq is a time & attendance management software. This software is integrated with an Attendance Recorder to keep track on the Employee Attendance with ease and accuracy.
We can use the ID Card Reader, Finger Print Reader or Hand Geometry Reader for collecting the punch/swipe information from the user. These readers retain the attendance data from the user and send the information in a text file to the computer.

Timepaq will download the data from the text file and process it according to the shift assigned to the employee in the software. Then the processed data will go to the database.
In Timepaq you can set the company parameters, departments, employees, leave types, holidays, and shifts. According to the shifts in the master you can assign shifts to the employees (Scheduling the shifts). This scheduling can be company wise, department wise or individually.
Timepaq is giving the provision for leave entry and manual punch. The manual punch allows you to avoid missed punches due to various reasons. But the manual punch will be tracked by the user Id in order to avoid misuse. Then you can calculate the total work time.
Timepaq will generate reports like punch details, leave details, absentee list, late comers, early leavers, miss punches, manual punch, overtime and monthly summary.

Timepaq is giving the facility to take the reports in a particular date range. The complete system is tailor made to fit individual company criteria’s. The software can be customized either to provide more reports or to modify the existing report.

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