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Suprema Live Scanners

Live Scan fingerprinting refers to the technology used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities to capture fingerprints and palm prints electronically, without the need for the more traditional method of ink and paper. Based on cutting-edge optical & biometric technologies, Suprema developed range of live scanners for single, dual, ten-fingerprints and palm print capturing, which are used for law enforcement, border control, national ID as well as for commercial applications.

Live Scanners

  • bioscrypt-4g-v-station
  • bioscrypt-4gv-flex
  • bioscrypt-4gv-flex-lite
  • bioscrypt-4g-fingervein


Passport Readers

  • bioscrypt-4g-v-station

Multi-functional ID Card & Passport Reader

RealPass-F is a multi-functional ID document and passport reader that can read variety of data such as OCR, photos, characters, barcodes, contact and contactless smart chips. As an e-passport reader, RealPass-F provides full-page, one-step reading of visual data page and RF chip data of ICAO standard passports. For high-level security in immigration clearance, RealPass-F supports optional functions including UV, coaxial, OVD and dual camera for 800 dpi photo capture. Sealed in IP54 rated rugged structure, the device features USB 2.0 power and data transfer interface. RealPass-F is an ideal all-in-one device to read both electronic ID cards and travel documents.

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