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Smart Card based Loyalty Solutions

Smart Card The Vega 9300 is an intelligent, high-security, multi-purpose andcost effective EDC Terminal capable of offering payment and non-payment solutions. It Integrates a magnetic stripe card reader, smart card reader, contactless card reader andSAM acceptor(s) for a wide range of credit , debit, and loyalty transactions.
Its available to support multi-communication interface which include RS232, RS485, Ethernet and GSM/GPRS. As the Vega9300 is designed to be portable; the communication interface type can be change without changing the handset which will protect customer long term investment.
The Vega 9300 comes ready for future payment requirements with built-in contactless smart card reader. To satisfy diverse demands, the Vega9300 completes multiple payments and value added applications.

Features and Benefits

  • EMV2000 V4 L1 &L2 Approved
  • JCB Approved
  • Portable design composes of a handset and a base
  • Providing Triple track Magnetic Card Reader in Straight Swipe bi-direction
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • Built in Contactless Reader ISO14443 Type A/B
  • Fast andsilent thermal printer which easy paper loading and can fit in 30 meters length of paper roll
  • Multi Communications Interface RS232, RS485, Modern, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and GSM/GPRS
  • Software Development Kit provided for application development and customization
  • Tamper Protection Function to protect key information
  • 32- bits high speed microprocessor, for faster transaction processing
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Technical Specifications:

Processor 32-bits microprocessor
Memory 4 Mbytes of Flash, 1 Mbyte of SRAM (Up to 8Mbytes of Flash, 2Mbytes of SRAM
Display 128x64 graphic LCD with backlight
Magnetic Card Reader Triple Track Magnetic Card Reader, Straight Swipe Bi- Direction
Smart  Card Reader 4 Security Access Modules
Contactless Card Reader Built in Contactless Reader, Mifare standards reader, support ISO 14443 Type A/B(Optional)
Keypad Standard numeric keypad, plus 1 power key with Menu Key function, and 4 programmable functions keys
Indicator 3 LED Lights Indicator of Power, Process and Host Communication function
Printer Integrated fast thermal printer, easy loding paper, 2 inches width standard roll paper
Battery 4 Ni-MH Batteries with Auto Charger and Protector
Power 12V DC Input
Modem Build in V.32 bis Fast Connect Modem (Options to V.90) and Support Sync HDLC Up to 3 RS232 ports
RS232 Up to 3 RS232
RS485 1 RS485
Communications Options  
Ethernet 10/100Ethernet
GSM/GPRS 900/1800 or 850/1900 MHz
Dimensions Handset 210mm (L) x 90mm(W) x 65mm(H)
Base 170mm(L) x 120mm (W) x 40mm (H)
Weight Handset approx 510g (Including Batteries)
Base approx2109

 Easy System Administration

System administrator can conveniently monitor and exports the status of all Terminals thru a real time status report and event log.

Basic Reporting

Reporting functions are provided. Administrator can apply filters and grouping on member info, branch, terminal and transaction type, to make query on Smart Card Based Loyalty Solutions Database. Administrator can find our out what time, what kind of customers make purchase the most frequently. All result can be exported to Microsoft Excel csv file for further analysis.


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