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Patrol ID / Patrol

Crossmatch Patrol idCompact, Applicant Livescan Enrollment System

Designed for the fast growing application flats market, Patrol ID and Patrol are members of the trusted ten-print family of products, including the Guardian USB and durable Guardian R devices. The Appendix F certified Patrol ID and Patrol deliver the highest quality ID flats and ten-print images. Users can quickly capture fingerprint data for background checks and identity validation programs, making it easier than ever to enroll fingerprints. Based on technology currently used by various countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to confirm the identities of visiting foreign nationals or for national people registration programs, Patrol ID and Patrol are a low-cost solution for definitive biometric-based identity verification.


  • Certified according to FBI Appendix F for ID flats (Patrol ID); FBI certified for civil ID flats and full criminal ten-print rolls and flats (Patrol)
  • Water and dust protected, rugged case, IP 54
  • Indicators and pictograms to guide the user through image capture
  • Patented Auto Capture™ capability for flat and rolled fingerprints without operator intervention
  • Auto Capture™ feedback through four LED lights indicating image quality
  • Filters and rejects residual ghost fingerprint images using Perfect Image technology


Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive system—requires no training
  • Ergonomically friendly design
  • Easy to understand user guidance by illumination and fully automatic image capture
  • Instant quality check feedback to the user
  • The illumination technique allows the capture of high-quality images regardless of skin color and age
  • Auto Capture™ of left and right hands and both thumbs (Patrol ID)
  • Auto Capture™ of all flats and rolled fingers (Patrol)
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Provides a value-priced option, suitable for any office environment
  • Water and dust protected housing

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