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L SCAN 1000T

Crossmatch Patrol idRolled Finger and ID Flats Livescan Capture System

L SCAN 1000T is a lightweight biometric identity management solution for desktop, portable or cabinet configurations. The compact system is a 1000ppi high-resolution, ten-print image capture device.


  • Combines solid performance, real-time display and instant quality checks to produce clear and crisp images
  • Developed using patented biometric technology
  • High resolution (1000 ppi or 500 ppi - software selectable)
  • FBI Appendix F-certified

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid capture of ten rolled fingers, all flat fingers and thumbs
  • High-quality image capture using Crystal View™ technology  
  • Real-time roll, scan and preview on screen with a single platen™
  • Easy and intuitive image capture in unattended/self-service environments
  • Optional L SCAN Cabinet available to create an integrated booking station
  • Compatible with Livescan Management Software

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