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Hand Punch 1000

HandPunch 1000The Schlage  HandPunch 1000 makes the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology affordable for small business. With a HandPunch, there are no cards to create or administer, and users’ credentials can’t get lost, stolen or duplicated without authorization. Since the user is identified by hand geometry – the unique size and shape of his or her hand – costly “buddy punching” is eliminated. No fingerprints or palm prints are used, and the HandPunch even works effectively in environments where the user’s hand or the device may get dirty, dusty or damp.

• Standard Ethernet connectivity allows easy use of time-and-attendance applications.
• Supports 50 to 512 users and upgrades easily without removing the device from the wall.
• Antimicrobial coating on the platen helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, and remains active for the life of the device.

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HandPunch 1000 EHand Punch 1000 E

The Schlage HandPunch 1000-E provides a new solution for companies with 100 employees or less per terminal or location. Just because you run a small company doesn’t mean you don’t have time fraud issues. The HandPunch 1000-E terminal allows small companies to put an end to time fraud and begin utilizing biometric technology; enhancing security while ensuring accurate records and saving money.  With the HandPunch 1000-E, small companies no longer need to worry about lost timecards, making new cards, or employees clocking in for another employee.

The  Schlage  HandPunch works by identifying a user’s hand geometry – the unique size and shape of their hand. This means your employees will no longer need to carry cards or keys. The costs and risk associated with credentials that can be lost, stolen or duplicated without authorization is also eliminated. HandPunch also eliminates time fraud by making it virtually impossible to “buddy punch.” The result is less cost of ownership and more accuracy, productivity and profitability for your company.

Affordable networkable solution – connect the HandPunch to your existing time and attendance application and network infrastructure with the built-in Ethernet connection.

Accurate verification in any conditions – since HandPunch identifies users by hand geometry instead of a fingerprint, identification will still be accurate even if the user’s hand is wet, injured or dirty.

Antimicrobial protection – every HandPunch has a built-in antimicrobial coating on the surface of the platen. This finish helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi and lasts for the life of the device.

Hand outline – every HandPunch comes standard with a blue hand outline printed on the platen. This ensures accurate hand placement for verification, as well as quick, easy enrollment.


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