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High Definition Card Printer/Encoder

Sophisticated but not complicated: HDP 600 sets new standards for user-friendliness and reliability. Thatís why itís the most dependable choice for security-conscious organizations. For more information about DTC550 printers, contact Cardz Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or for further enquires click here

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HPD600The only choice for high-security card applications.

It uses Fargo’s patented High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology

The HDP 600 is the only card printer/encoder that can consistently and perfectly print, encode and laminate technology-rich ID cards.

With High Definition Printing, there’s never any contact between the printhead and card. Instead, the HDP 600 prints images onto the underside of the HDP Film, which is then fused flush to the card through heat and pressure.

Embedded electronics like smart chips and proximity coils cause hard-to-print ridges and indentations on the surface of cards. Because the HDP 600 prints on an HDP Film instead of directly on the card, it prints consistently over surface irregularities — without damaging the embedded electronics or the printhead.

Fargo’s High Definition printer/encoders can easily print to the edge of a smart chip.

The HDP 600 prints and encodes/ reads up to three different technologies (including contact smart cards, contactless smart cards and proximity cards), plus a magnetic stripe all within a single card.

The HDP 600 eliminates that worry by letting you print and encode high-security cards in one pass.

It’s Cost effective: Add lamination or encoding modules to your HDP 600 as your needs grow instead of having to purchase a new printer.

HDP Print head has a lifetime warranty if Fargo Certified Supplies are used.

Display: User-friendly SmartScreen™ LCD tells you what buttons to press, when to load supplies and keeps you up to speed on your print job.

RibbonTraq™ bar codes help the printer/encoder quickly and accurately calibrate ribbons so your customers don't have to. RibbonTraq helps conserve valuable ribbon material and save money on supplies

Reduced maintenance costs: A Tape-based Card Cleaning System removes dust and debris from cards, improving quality and reducing card waste and ensures long life of printheads.

It’s Secure: High Definition Printing technology helps prevent card tampering and security breaches.

It’s User friendly and Reliable

It’s compatible: The HDP 600 easily integrates with existing time & attendance, access control and other photo ID applications.

Dual Card Hopper: lets you load up to 200 identical cards, or print and encode two different types of cards simultaneously.

Reject Card Hopper: The HDP 600 automatically routes defective cards into this handy hopper (available only with lamination module).

Improves efficiency: High-capacity ribbons and card hoppers (accommodating 200 cards) are ideal for large or batch print jobs. Printing operations can run longer, with fewer interruptions for supplies refills.

Print Area: Over – the - edge on CR-80 cards

Accepted Card Types: ABS, PVC, PET, PETG, proximity, smart and magnetic stripe cards, optical memory cards

Memory: 8 MB RAM

Interface: USB 1.1 (Optional Centronics Parallel, IEEE 1284 compliant)

Lower printing costs with larger ribbon rolls: High-capacity ribbon rolls with igh numbers of color panels and extra resin material result in lower per-print costs.

Shorter learning curve with Fargo printer drivers: Fargo printer/encoder drivers, LCDs and LEDs provide clear, easy instruction for new users. Printer/encoder owners can start printing cards immediately.


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