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cThis printing technology is the most commonly used for ID card printing, includes contact, contactless smartcards, and proximity cards. From which the electronics embedded inside these cards. HDP film flexes over the bumps, giving card smooth appearance. This printing can also print right up to the edge of exposed smart card contacts.

With FARGO’s new High Definition Printing technology, the printer first prints images onto the special HDP Film which is then fused into the surface of a blank card through heat and pressure.Because the graphics and text are printed on the underside of HDP film, the image is “sandwiched” between the highly durable film and the card (see diagram below). This unique process results in exceptional print quality, extreme durability, and the ability to print on virtually ANY card size or type.

High Definition Printing™ uses dye-sublimation technology to print crisp, 300-dpi images on the underside of HDP® Film developed by Fargo.

By sandwiching images between the HDP Film and the card, High Definition Printing makes cards virtually tamper-proof and highly resistant to wear and abrasion. You’ll benefit from the best card security and durability measures available anywhere.

Designed to encode smart cards and other technology cards

This versatile print technology also performs exceptionally when encoding smart cards and other cards with uneven surfaces and unique card features.

High Definition Printing encoding capabilities support such popular emerging technologies as HID® clamshell proximity cards, MIFARE®, ISO 7816 smart chips and more.

Ideal for any high-security, high-profile application - we also have dye sub printers and card lamination services

Fargo HDP printer/encoders are ideal for any organization requiring highly secure authentication and/or card-based access control, time-and-attendance and other applications that depend on technology cards. For more information about Direct to card printing, contact ID Vision Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. For further enquires click here


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