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Fargo DTC550

Direct to Card Printers / Encoders

DTC 550 direct to card printer encode up to three smart card technologies, plus magnetic stripe, in the same pass as card printing and lamination. Optional Ethernet connectivity and internal print server integrates server with existing enterprise networks. Lamination module adds an extra layer of security and durability that helps extend card life. With DTC 550 card production supports applications throughout your organization and protect investments, offering great flexibility to reconfigure your ID cards issuance system.For more information about DTC550 printers, contact ID VISION Dubai, Abu Dhabi or for further enquires click here

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The DTC 550 uses Direct to Card (DTC) Technology to print full-color, single and dual sided cards.

For printing, encoding and laminating ID cards across a large organization, nothing integrates easier or is more secure than the DTC 550 Card Printer/Encoder.

The DTC 550 provides greater flexibility when you’re planning widespread or high-volume card issuance for applications such as employee access cards, government and student IDs, customer loyalty and membership cards.

Designed for high productivity and ease of use

Networked, yet secure: It can be upgraded from the standard USB interface to Ethernet with internal print server to allow the DTC 550 to reside on a LAN just like any other workgroup printer. Print from multiple PC stations onto one DTC 550 through a secure network connection.

Higher output per ribbon: Full-color with resin black and overlay panel, YMCKO*, 500 prints

Print Speed: 144 cards per hour (YMCKO)

Lamination: Lamination option adds an extra layer of security and durability to extend card life.

SmartScreen™ LCD Control Panel: It displays helpful status messages and prompts and helps reduce operator confusion, troubleshooting and downtime.

Reject Card Hopper: Incomplete or improperly encoded cards land in the Reject Card Hopper.

Dual Card Hopper: 100 cards each, for higher volume card applications or produce different types of cards and designs without interruption by switching between two different card stocks.

Memory: 16 MB RAM

Streamline production: Print, read/write and laminate up to three different e-card technologies plus mag stripe all in a single pass (depending on installed options). Encoding options handle magnetic stripe, prox, contactless and smart cards.

Optional Print Security™ software adds extra levels of security against unauthorized access and printing.

SecureMark™ Technology protects the entire card issuance process, from materials management to printer access.

The DTC550 is fully compatible with most ID card issuance software. Fargo Software Development Kit (SDK) Compatible

The DTC 550 Card Lamination Option

It applies single- or dual-sided lamination in the same pass as card printing and encoding. Lamination protects ID badges from alteration, counterfeiting and everyday wear.
They provide durability against swipe abrasion, prevent dye-migration (onto plastic card pouches,for example), and shield against image-fading UV light. If your application requires secure cards that resist forgery and tampering, or if your cards are subject to extra physical wear, consider the DTC550 Card Lamination Option.
DTC 550 can either be ordered with a factory-Installed Card Lamination Module or it is field-upgradeable as and when your requirements change.

Network Printer

The DTC 550 connects to your Windows®-based PC through its USB port. It can also be added to your network as easily as any workgroup printer. With an Ethernet port and internal print server, your IT staff can install and share the DTC 550 anywhere on a LAN. And its print driver provides bi-directional status information, so you can monitor and manage the DTC 550 just as you would any other networked printer.



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