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Card Maker Professional

The ID card personalization software package for the most demanding use. Use full power and advanced features with Card Maker Professional such as biometrics, lasercards, contact and contactless cards and laserengraving up to 100.000+ records.

With Card Maker Professional you will be able to issue ID cards for National ID, Driver license, passports and Civil ID.

Standard Features

  • Printing & encoding inone run
  • Biometric capturing
  • SDK server and OLE server
  • AFIS enabled
  • Lasercard enabled
  • Laser engraving
  • ODBC compliant

The card personalization package for the most demanding user
Card Maker Pro links you to an existing database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access. The software offers you the convenience of designing, customizing and personalizing cards on demand. Connecting through Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), BM5500 uses the existing available data without having an impact on its content. BM5500 is designed to control large amounts of records (100.000+ records).

Design your own front end and interface (OLE server)
An additional feature of BM5500 is the opportunity to customize the user interface through OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). It enables you to create personal front ends and user interfaces that only display the required fields and functions in the mainscreen.
BM5500 can scan multiple forms where photo’s, signatures, biometric data automatically can be stored into the central databases. This is a usefull feature when large amounts of data have to be scanned. The scanning is based on a key which links the data to the database.

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