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card fiveCardFive is powerful but yet very easy to setup and use. With all the features needed to handle cards, you have total integration environment and versatility.

With this multifunctional ID Card management program you can link the design databases, encode magnetic stripe, process smart cards, create effects and manage overlay, hologram or scratch ribbon. The fully integrated environment allows you to easily manage your design and printing jobs. The easy database feature allows you to use as simple data entry and print software. With power imaging features you can integrate any picture format from digital photo cameras, real time imaging through Video for windows, or any other images in the database. CardFive can print using DCL (Direct Command language) to the most popular card printers in the market and virtually any printer through drivers, including page printers.

Use your data to print text, barcode or encode it on a card. Security features, overlay management and much more. For more information about Card Five id card printer software, contact ID Vision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. For further enquires click here

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card five

CardFive Vision Editions Table

  Classic Lite XL Premier Professional

Full Color Design Capabilities
Double Sided Cards
Image Acquisition (VFW, TWAIN, WIA, DS, FILE)
Printing Variables (Date Time, Counters)
Printing Variables (Concatenation, Keyboard input)  
Multi Layout Card designs      
ClipArt Manager  

Signature Panel    
Biometric Management      

Magnetic Encoding (ISO, JIS)  
Contact SmartCard Plug Ins    
Contactless Cards (Mifare, HID, EM, Prox, ISO 15693 ...)      

Barcodes 1D - Code39, 128
Barcodes 1D - All  
Barcodes 2D    

CSV DB Import For Printing Only  
ODBC Connectivity MS Access    
Database Editing View    
ODBC Connectivity - All Databases      
Conditional Layout Printing Form DB      
DataBase Reports    

Auto Print      
Network Print
Network Print Server  


Total integration environment
Very easy to setup and use, Cardfive presents all the features needed to handle cards with a total environment integration. Design, manage database and printing jobs in the same integrated window with total versatility.

Database connections and features
From the CSV database connection to the advanced ODBC connection, each Cardfive edition offers more variety of database solutions, to support any card production type by adapting database needs for no limitation at the card production.

Printing speed and maximum error control
Use any printer through Windows drivers or use Cardfive DCL (Direct Command Language) for more printing speed and error control. Cardfive includes more than 100 DCL's (internal drivers) for the most popular card printers in the market.

Fast upgrades and easy stock management
Upgrade Cardfive editions using the unique RLL technology (Remote License Loader) to provide immediate upgrades by email.

Multi professional resources
With Cardfive is possible to use a variety of professional resources at the higher level of card production with the simplicity of the most user friendly solutions. Encode magnetic stripe, connect to any smartcard application to encode at print time, encode contactless cards, manage biometric devices to print or encode data from fingerprints, manage overlay types, barcode printing, variable objects of database or systems, sources and much more.

Powerful imaging and design features
Integrate any picture format using DirectShow or Twain, use images from database or file and apply all the powerful imaging features available such as transparency, brightness, cut-out color. Cardfive also includes a variety of tools to create your own design shapes such as lines, rotations and alignments, all necessary tools to create your card design in a simple and fast way.

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