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xPocketPocket reader

A small biometric device with great performance: within the range of AXESS TMC products for personnel ID and access control, XPOCKET opens new horizons for attendance recording and data collection applications.

This RFID reader meets all the specific requirements of companies and agencies whose employees are highly mobile, where there is often a need to monitor their activities while on the road or working off-site. X Pocket is so small and light that it really does fit in the pocket.  Fully functional and robust, this device makes no compromises when it comes to performance.


This system for identifying the operator, the workplace or the activity being performed works by remotely reading the code of a simple and economic RFID TAG. Depending on the field of application, the shape, size and substance of the Tags (or transponders) can differ (badge, label, plastic disk etc.).


Ergonomic design and reduced size
XPOCKET is light and ergonomic, fitting comfortably in the palm of one hand. Attached to a cord, it can even be worn around the neck.

Shock resistant

XPOCKET biometric device from ID Vision Dubai may be small, but it is extremely robust since the materials used enable it to resist knocks and survive being dropped.

This device is ready for use in dirty, contaminated and generally “hostile” environments (such as construction sites). In this regard, the use of RFID technology is also highly advantageous. The Tags are in fact made for use under difficult and challenging conditions (e.g. thermic, chemical and mechanical shocks). In short, XPOCKET is a survivor.

All functions on three keys
The new XPOCKET reader is so simple to use that even non-experts learn easily. Three rubber keys provide rapid access to all functions: activate the RFID reader and, if necessary, make selections from the available menu options.
When not in use, XPOCKET switches off automatically after a few seconds.

Latest-generation display
Messages are displayed on a back-lit LCD graphics display.  This technology means that the reader can be used under any lighting conditions, making clear information available immediately.

Bluetooth or USB interface for data transfer
Capturing transaction data and transferring it from XPOCKET to other equipment is really easy.  Every XPOCKET reader can be recognised automatically by PCs or PocketPCs equipped with Bluetooth or USB interfaces, as well as by the latest generation of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Using special software for the download of data, this means that all the information gathered can be imported in an encrypted and secure manner.

XPocket COM – the GSM / GPRS version
XPocket COM is an enhanced version of XPocket. XPocket COM features an embedded 4-Bands cellular modem and does not have the Bluetooth module. Depending on the kind of support by the SIM and carrier provider it can communicate with a public Internet server via GPRS network, or answer to GSM dialup-data-calls. XPocket COM has also USB interface but not the Bluetooth one. The eLink application is provided to receive data on the public server from the GPRS network.

Rechargeable, long-life batteries
The batteries used by XPOCKET are very easy to recharge. Simply connect the XPOCKET to a USB port or to the plug-in battery charger supplied with the device. The use of long-life batteries means that the XPOCKET remains charged for many months.

Memory capacity
The Flash Memory inside the XPOCKET can store about 16,000 transactions, thus ensuring that the data collected is kept safely until it can be transferred. Contact ID Vision Dubai for best deals now.

XPOCKET can be utilized in all service companies and also in companies which foresee itinerant personnel and off-site staff (representatives, agents, sales people, insurance surveyors, financial promoters, merchandisers, scientific informers, etc.)

The following list shows some examples of the companies in which XPOCKET can provide a valid solution:
•  Cleaning companies
•  Construction sites
•  Home assistance
•  Employment agencies
•  Facility management companies
•  Ship yards
•  Public organizations, universities, schools
•  Vehicle management companies
•  Forest area control companies
•  Companies of external production data tracing
•  Green area maintenance companies 
•  Surveillance institutions
•  Care homes
•  Survey , research institutions and marketing consultancy companies

•  XPocket
•  Plug-in battery charger *
•  Neck cord 
•  USB cable
* no power adaptor version also available

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Technical Specifications


Three function keys


Back-lit LCD graphic display 64 x 128

Integrated Readers

•  Proximity identification system: 125KHz

Communication Ports

•  Data transmission
Wireless Bluetooth on XPocket.
GSM / GPRS modem on XPocket COM.
Both XPocket and XPocket COM have a USB, bi-directional port.
Communication Utility included.
•  GSM / GPRS modem (XPocket COM only)
Quad-Band GSM modem – GPRS class 10. Proprietary protocol over TCP/IP.
All parameters can be set from the XPocket PC program.


•  Battery life: about 16,000 readings (depends on how used). 3 hours recharge. On XPocket COM battery life depends on the amount of wireless comminications performed.
•  Battery charging: USB or plug-in battery charger 
•  Batteries: Li-Ion

Physical Characteristics

•   Casing: ABS resin, XPocket COM: ABS resin
•   Dimensions: 42x70x18mm - XPocket COM: 42x70x24mm
•   Weight: about 57gr - XPocket COM: about 68g

Audio & Video

•  Read confirmation: via display and buzzer


about 16,000 readings (depends on how used). 3 hours recharge. On XPocket COM battery life depends on the amount of wireless communications performed.

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