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AET65 Smart Card Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

finger printThe AET65 Smart Card Reader with Fingerprint Sensor guarantees security and convenience in a variety of applications. Combining ACS' ACR38-SAM contact smart card and UPEK's swipe fingerprint sensor in a single device, it creates a more cost-efficient and simplified integration of biometric technology in applications where the accuracy of biometric authentication is necessary to ensure a high level of security.

AET65 utilizes three-factor authentication and match-on device authentication for maximum security. With three factor authentication, the device verifies something “you have” (smart card), something “you know” (PIN/password) and something “you are” (fingerprint). Users carry their fingerprint templates with them and fingerprint verification authenticates only the smart card user, neutralizing privacy concerns and security risks posed by dummy fingerprints or stolen cards. Moreover, AET65’s default fingerprint algorithm performs fingerprint template extraction and matching within the device itself – not in the PC – for protection against various security threats that attack PC's. With its built-in secure access module (SAM), AET65 further elevates security in applications.

Finally, developers without an in-depth knowledge of biometrics can integrate fingerprint authentication into smart card-based applications using only AET65’s API and reference documents. With AET65’s support for third party fingerprint algorithms, developers can easily expand or adapt their existing systems utilizing third party fingerprint algorithms

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