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AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

finger printThe AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor brings a whole new level of security and flexibility to contactless applications. Combining the core of ACS's ACR122U Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader and UPEK's swipe fingerprint sensor in a single device, it provides a secure and convenient platform that  makes the integration of secure biometric authentication simpler and more cost-effective. AET62 facilitates simple and intuitive exchange of information, making it ideal for applications such as e-Payment, e-Government, e-Healthcare, access control and network security. With its ergonomic design, it enables hassle-free fingerprint and contactless card authentication for users. 

The core security mechanisms of AET62 include three-factor authentication and match-on device authentication. Three-factor authentication requires a user to verify his identity with something “he has” (smart card), something “he knows” (PIN/password), and something “he is” (fingerprint), before enabling him to proceed with any transaction. Meanwhile, AET62 ensures maximum security by providing match-on device authentication using its default fingerprint algorithm, in which fingerprint template extraction and matching are performed on the device itself and not in the PC, which is more vulnerable to security attacks. AET62 also has an optional secure access module (SAM) for further security enhancement, and can support third-party fingerprint algorithms.

Finally, AET62-based systems are more cost-effective than traditional fingerprint systems since they do not require the installation of database, server and network connectivity. Instead, AET62-based systems enjoy the ease of merely matching a live fingerprint against fingerprint templates that are stored and encrypted in the smart card. This allows for complete local-site authentication, in which AET62-based systems only need three components to work: local PC applications (or remote server applications), any contactless smart cards, and the AET62. As a result, developers without an in-depth knowledge of biometrics can integrate fingerprint authentication into smart card-based applications using only AET62’s API and reference documents

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