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ACOS3 Microprocessor Card

Microprocessor CardACOS3 - Ideal Solution for Payment/Loyalty

ACS develops smart card operating systems (ACOS) as its intellectual property. Developed by our dedicated team of specialists, the ACOS3 Microprocessor Card unlocks the potential of a smart card. It enables a single card to support various applications such as loyalty program, parking registration, network access control, public transportation, telecommunication, and electronic purse.

ACOS3 is specifically designed for highly secure payment applications.  Featuring a high degree of security, ACOS3 is particularly suitable for secure loyalty programs, network access control and epurse applications. Likewise, it may be utilized for common payment solutions.

Additionally, security provided by ACOS3 can be enhanced further by utilizing ACOS6-SAM, which, by enabling Mutual Authentication, Secure Messaging, Key Diversification and Key Injection, perfectly secures various applications.
ACOS3 provides three interface options:

  • Contact Interface
    Additionally, ACOS3 could have other options:
    • ACOS3-Mag (Contact card with magnetic stripe)
    • ACOS3-Hybrid (Contact and Contactless Smart card)
  • Contactless interface
  • Combi interface

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