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In today’s complex and challenging security environment, both business and governments need to rely on growingly sophisticated access control solutions to guarantee the security of individuals and assets. With these advance multi-biometrics solutions offered by ID Vision to meet your security needs, we provide enterprise class solutions to a significant  number of diverse business sector. Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Control Systems from ID Vision Dubai provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions

Interactive, real-time security management

The HID Access Control System is an innovative security integration platform that’s adaptable to small and large applications.  Its open system technology utilizes your IT infrastructure and enables integration with multiple building management systems and devices to achieve operational efficiencies. 

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Our Biometric Access Control Machines

ZK SCR100 - RFID Biometric  attendance machine


4G V-Station™


Farpointe Data




Why Access Control?

From mankind’s very first access control system to today’s modern electronic access control, there has always been a need to protect people and assets by limiting access to sensitive areas. Early humans had their methods, but these have since evolved to more manageable solutions in the industrial age with the use of doors and guards, then locks and keys. The practice of installing electronic access control systems began in the 1960s to eliminate the problems associated with lost keys, having the ability to instantly add, allow, restrict or deny someone’s access, and to be able to immediately generate an activity report on people’s “comings and goings.”

Today’s products have come a long way from those early systems of the 1960s and 1970s. Whereas systems then could cost as much as $5,000, $10,000, or more per door installed, now they cost just a fraction of this cost and perform a greater number of functions.

Why Choose IP Access Control?

IP-based access control offers a scalable, easy-to-manage and cost-effective door access control solution. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including banks, industrial facilities, hospitals, schools and universities. Our electronic access control systems enable you to control and restrict building access and manage doors at multiple locations. ID Vision Dubai's access control software simplifies system and user management. It lets your add access control to doors that may otherwise go unprotected due to deployment complexity and budget constraints. Our trained consultants are available to help you protect the entrances to your school, facility or business. Call us on +971 42694620 today for expert advice.

We have it all

We offer a wide range of integrated IP-based electronic access control (EAC) solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards and access control software. We offer browser-based access control software, which combines powerful features and ease-of-use to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations.

An integrated access control solution allows you to:

  • Get full control over where and when your staff, visitors and vehicles can move around your site at all times
  • Manage business risk through policy enforcement
  • Ensure the security of your physical and intellectual assets

Our Access Control Solutions

ID Vision's security solutions cater for all levels of security from fully monitored access control for a critical infrastructure site to cost-effective wireless and data-on-card options for securing dormitories and lockers. If you would like to find out more about the ID Vision Dubai's Access Control solution, please contact Sales Team  for more information. Enquire Now!

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